• Report / Fraud Violations

    The City has three different ways for employees or citizens to report fraud or ethics violations:

    • The City chooses to leverage the FBI corruption hotline instead of an internal ethics hotline because it offers a potential whistleblower greater protection from an independent law enforcement agency.
    • Whistleblowers can use the FBI Corruption Hotline by calling 754-703-2000 (Option #4) which is currently advertised on the City's website and Miami Beach Television station (MBTV). The City currently has a police officer assigned to the FBI public corruption investigation task force.
    • In addition, the Miami-Dade County Office of the Inspector General has a "Report Fraud" phone number at 305-579-2593.
    • Finally, unethical conduct can be reported to the Miami-Dade County Commission on Ethics & Public Trust which provides assistance in identifying unethical conduct and other forms of public corruption in Miami-Dade County and all 34 Municipalities. Employees and citizens can report suspected wrong-doing with the Ethics Commission by contacting the 24-hour hotline at 786-314-9560.
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