Emergency Evacuation Assistance for Special Needs 
    Residents who may require specialized transportation, whose medical needs prevent them from evacuating on their own, or who may require evacuation assistance must pre-register with the Miami-Dade County Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program as soon as possible. 

    You may also call 3 1 1 to register and/or update your information with the program. 
    If you have family members or people close to you who are in need of this assistance, please make sure they register through this voluntary program. 

    Condominium Associations (NEW!)
    The Condominium Hurricane Re-Entry & Parking Authorization Hang Tag Program allows pre-registered condominium managers and/or other designated parties who are responsible for damage assessment and building safety/security to re-enter the city when re-entry notification is issued. For further information, contact the Miami Beach Office of Emergency Management at 305.673.7736.

    Do not leave your pets at home unattended during a hurricane. Whatever plans you make for yourself, please include your pets. Miami-Dade County  offers pet-friendly evacuation centers for families to go along with their furry friends, up to three pets per family. Evacuation centers, however, are shelters of last resort. Placement in the pet-friendly shelters is not guaranteed. You must fill out an application and bring it with you, along with vaccination and pets' medical history information. The centers that will accept pets on a first-come, first-served basis, and subject to restrictions are:

    • Fuchs Pavilion - Miami-Dade County Fair and Expo Center,
      10901 SW 24 Street
    • Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School
      1410 NE 215 Street

    You must bring proof of updated vaccinations and medical history, as well as other information about your pets to the pet-friendly evacuation centers. For complete information on pet safety during a disaster, call the Miami-Dade County Answer Center at 311 or go to the MDC Pet-friendly Evacuation System web page to complete an application.

    Make sure that pets stay in a comfortable environment, wearing proper identification, and with access to enough food and water for two weeks. Do not leave your pet outside on a lease during a storm. 

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    In the event of an emergency, the City of Miami Beach may utilize its call-notification system to reach primary phone lines within the city to provide important information. To register your phone with this new service, LINK COMING SOON.

    Social Media
    Important messages will also be posted to social media pages:  Twitter (MiamiBeachNews) and Facebook (City of Miami Beach). You can also watch City of Miami Beach videos on YouTube

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