The MBPD is a fully accredited law enforcement agency, which is dedicated to pursuing every opportunity and engaging all challenges as part of this organization’s on-going quest for excellence.

    With the continued growth in the popularity of Miami Beach as a destination of choice for out of town and local visitors alike, the Police Department is tasked with balancing the needs of the residential population with the huge increase in the amount of visitors to the City.  

    Mission: Prevent crime and enhance public safety.

    Vision: We aspire to be a world-class agency, which protects our diverse community and serves as a model for character, innovation and service to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

    Values: Professional, Accountable, Honest and Proud.

    Reduce Crime and The Fear of Crime
    Partner With The Community To Solve Problems
    Improve Traffic Safety
    Operate The Organization Efficiently

    To learn more view our WORKPLAN.

    1100 Washington Avenue
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Emergencies ONLY dial  9  1  1
    Main Number 305 673 7900     Hate Crimes Hotline 305 604 2110 

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