Fire Suppression: Responsible for mitigating the dangers and destruction caused by fire, explosives, weapons of mass destruction, and hazardous materials. Conduct building inspections, develop pre fire plans on target hazards and respond to emergency medical incidents.

    Fire Rescue: Respond to all emergency medical incidents and provide pre-hospital care to the sick and injured. Transport those patients to area hospitals and release to emergency room staff. Respond to all structure fires and perform the functions of fire companies on those incidents.

    Fire Prevention: Responsible for enforcing all Fire and Life Safety Codes. Conducting building inspections, plan reviews for new construction and major renovations, nightclub and places of assembly inspections, investigation of fires for cause and origin.

    Fire Support Services: Responsible for Training, Logistics, Mechanical Maintenance and Communications. Establish in service training, new hire and promotional standards, repair all firefighting apparatus and equipment, conduct tests and maintain records of same. Coordinate with PSCU for QA/QC for dispatch and radio maintenance.

    Ocean Rescue: Responsible for providing ocean life guarding for 7 miles of beach, via 29 lifeguard towers and four sub-head quarters.

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