• The City of Miami Beach is committed to resilient and strategic planning to mitigate impacts of climate change. Understanding this vulnerability has allowed for the development of both short-term and long-term adaptation strategies that would further strengthen the city’s resilience. One of the strategies includes evaluation and assessment of vulnerable areas of the city to develop guidelines and recommendations to mitigate potential impacts of sea level rise in our neighborhoods.

    In the next few weeks assessment teams will be visiting properties in the
    Flamingo Park and Collins Park neighborhoods to evaluate and update individual property elevations and identify foundation types. This information will serve as the basis for design professionals to develop guidelines for adaptation of the built environment and how such properties can become more resilient to the effects of sea level rise.

    Property owners and residents will be notified by mail once the project commences.  The city has engaged the engineering firm of Miller Legg to conduct the field work and will be visiting the selected properties to obtain the study data.   These professionals will carry a City of Miami Beach ID, which will be displayed at all times. 

    If you have any questions regarding a scheduled visit or info, please contact the us at 305.673.7550 or email your questions to: Resiliencyassessment@miamibeachfl.gov - 
    Participating properties will receive an FEMA Elevation Certificate at no charge once the project is completed.

    Helpful Links:

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Letter to Commission 481-2017 | Survey Data for Historic Properties
    Flamingo Park Study Area
    Collins Park Study Area  




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