The king tide is the highest predicted high tide of the year. During this period water levels are higher than that on an average day. In Miami Beach, the king tides usually occur during the months of September, October, and November. King tides provide a preview of the normal tidal variations we will see in the years to come as sea levels continue to rise. They are predicted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The NOAA Tides and Currents station map can be used to locate stations that provide water levels, meteorological observations and current observations. The Virginia Key station is the closest NOAA Monitoring Site and is used to predict any possible impacts in Miami Beach. The city has also deployed two tide gauges to monitor tides.

    In 2017 king tides are expected to occur twice a day, during the following dates.
    Click here to obtain the specific times. 

     October 4– October 10 

    October 17 – October 21

    November 2 – November 8

    December 4 – December 6

    How does this impact you?

    • Water in the streets picks-up pollutants from the surrounding environment. If you come into contact with flood water, be sure to rinse off using soap and water. Do not allow children to play in or near flood water and encourage them to wash their hands regularly.
    • Make sure you have flood insurance for your home or business. Learn more here: Flood Insurance  
    • Adjust your driving schedule accordingly and do not drive through flooded areas - turn around and find another way. It can be unsafe and cause short and long-term damage to your vehicle. If you drive through tidal floods, wash the undercarriage of your car to remove the salt water. You can go through a car wash equipped with an undercarriage sprayer.
    • Avoid parking your vehicle in low lying areas that prone to flooding in order to prevent salt water damage to your vehicle
    • Flooding can result in hazards below the surface you cannot see that could cause injury e.g. nails, broken glass, debris and displaced manhole covers.
    • Road closures may occur as a result of flooding. Sign up for our traffic updates by texting MBTraffic to 91011.
    • Properties in low lying areas are strongly encouraged to use flood panels and other flood protection methods such as sand bags.
    • If you are a boater, be aware that these high tides cause lower clearances under fixed bridges so check the tides before leaving the dock.
    • If your landscape encounters salt water flooding, make sure the area is rinsed off and/or rained on thoroughly before adding fertilizer or pesticides.
    • Remember flooding brings standing water. Please check around your personal property, if you see standing water for more than 48 hours, report it by calling 305.673.7625. Always drain and cover!
    • If you come across any flooding, please report it through the Miami Beach e-Gov app.    


    Want to learn more? Download the King Tides Factsheet



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