• About Us 

    The Miami Beach Rising Above Resiliency Strategy will guide us as we survive, adapt, and grow amidst our  chronic stresses (sea level rise and coastal erosion, transportation, lack of affordable housing) and occasional shocks (hurricanes, infrastructure failure, coastal flooding, rainfall flooding). The forward thinking actions in this strategy will prepare the city to not only adapt, but also thrive in this changing world.

    Miami Beach will prioritize actions that provide benefits and results from investments to make us both resilient and sustainable day to day and in the face of disruptions.  Based on data and expertise, and including employees, committees, residents, businesses, peer cities, and the Compact, the strategy will be built on the City’s own unique successes, strengths, capabilities, challenges, and gaps. 

    Miami Beach is committed as a resiliency leader, taking action now, while integrating planning fundamentals to prepare for sea level rise and mitigate climate change impacts for the long term benefit of our City and our region.



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